Breakfast Obsessions

I am not entirely sure when this obsession started but it took hold of me fairly quickly. I go to bed thinking about breakfast and wake up several times throughout the night wondering if its time to dive into my cereal bowl in the morning. My Spanish flatmates absolutely do not understand my breakfast obsession. We often … More Breakfast Obsessions

Top 50 Madrid

Living in a city for a long time allows you to discover its true essence, its inner soul its quirky corners and every aspect of its personality. Having left Edinburgh almost 5 years ago, I have lost touch with the city that I used to call home, I have no idea where the cool bars … More Top 50 Madrid


This weekend I took a trip to a beautiful little village hidden away on the West coast of the island. Only an hour away from Palma, this quaint little village balanced on the hillside is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Palma. In this blog post I am going to share with … More Banyalbufar

Undiscovered Edinburgh

Undiscovered Edinburgh Like any other city in the world, Edinburgh has its famous must see attractions, restaurants, coffee shops and fashion houses. Although being from Edinburgh, it is a city that I no longer know very well. This makes it all the more fun when I go back and visit and find new places popping … More Undiscovered Edinburgh