Vogue Fashion Night Out Madrid #VFNO


Thursday 18th September. It was a historic day for the people of Scotland. They were about to vote whether they wanted an independent country or stay part of the union. Unfortunately, due to being in Madrid, I wasn’t allowed to cast a vote in the election. Instead i took myself off to The Vogue Fashion Night Out. The very time you want the weather to be perfect, its not. It actually felt like a little bit of Scotland had come and visited me in Madrid last night. Wet, wet, wet and pretty cold. I felt just at home. Unfortunately this weather isn’t perfect when you are going to an event that’s partially held on the street. After a quick outfit re-organisation I was ready to brace the streets of Madrid.

Photo 9-18-14, 21 31 32

Photo 9-18-14, 22 03 02

Once I had arrived to Calle de Serrano, I quickly discovered that the event was exactly what it said on the tin. A night out, in a shop, with drinks and with music. First stop, Veuve Clicquot champagne. Don’t mind if i do. Suddenly we had all forgotten about the weather. Second stop, Marshmallows and candy floss, well worth the 10 minute wait  in the rain to get it. Third stop smoothies in Oysho and finally, forth stop, Cos. They had the most amazing cocktails, Mojitos with coconut. We spent  the majority of the evening cruising around COS eyeing up potential future purchases sipping on our drinks,

Photo 9-18-14, 22 01 38

Photo 9-18-14, 21 31 45

After a whistle stop tour of the streets of Salamanca we decided to call it a night. Overall we had the most enjoyable night. Free drinks galore, the opportunity to get a cheeky discount in some of the stores and most importantly, a catch up with friends.



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