Mango’s Juicy Autumn 2014 Collection

Mango catalogue 2

Since moving to Spain my commitment to shopping has swiftly increased. I love the laidback continental way the Spanish dress that looks so easy and effortless. In a bid to replicate their effortless looks I have sometimes found myself racking through Zara’s shelves too many times each week (so much so that I think the staff may recognise my addicted face). Their clothes on the whole tend to be excellent quality, are always on trend and fit me perfectly. Four weeks ago if you asked me what shop I would go to on the Spanish High Street I would have said without a second thought ZARA…there may now be a competitor on the horizon tugging at my purse strings. MANGO.


Until recently I would only, on the rare occasion, find myself shopping in Mango. In the past their clothes were slightly dated, too simple and lacked a little something…until now that is. OH MY! The autumn 2014 lookbook has outdone itself. It’s now beginning to live up to its slogan ‘for the young urban woman’. The autumn catalogue consists of a range of simple and minimalistic yet sleek items that can create an almost effortless look. Exactly what I’m looking for!! As I flick through the catalogue, not a page goes by where I would have problems selecting items I would love in my autumn wardrobe. This could be a problem for my credit card to deal with, I want everything!

 fave 1

Fave 2

Instead of blowing all your hard earned cash in Zara this season, get yourself along to your local Mango and you will be pleasantly surprised with the goods they have come up with. I have come up with a collage of a few of my favourite items from the autumn 2014 catalogue. The thing I love about the items selected is that they all work with each other. There is nothing worse than having so many new items in your wardrobe that you literally can’t decide what you want to wear because you have too much choice. Before you know it summer has arrived and the majority of your autumn/winter clothes still have the tags on…I speak from experience.


Enjoy and don’t spend all your pennies at once…I will!!!




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