Workout Bunnies: The New Obsession


There once was a time were woman would be happy rocking up to the gym in an old baggy t-shirt that you got free at a party and a pair of old scabby shorts. Those times are now long gone with woman taking a major interest in the get-ups they wear to work out. Retailers are taking advantage of this sudden interest in stylish workout gear and are racing to produce products that are nice on the eyes and designed for a bit of sweat.



With many retailers producing trendy up to date products there is a lot of completion to win over the gym bunnies. There are many fashion forward, young woman looking to purchase the latest style for the gym that looks and feels good. Some companies are even collaborating with singers such as Rita Ora or Ellie Golding to produce some outstanding styles. My current favourite is the Adidas and Farm (a Brazilian designer) collaboration. They have used some amazingly colourful and eye-catching prints and transferred them onto some of the well known and loved items in the Originals range.

rita ora

 I am one of those woman who is looking for comfortable work out wear but I am very conscious that it needs to look good. As a PE teacher I am wearing workout clothes 5 days of the week…and that isn’t including my own gym workouts. In the past year I have noticed that several companies have seriously upped their game when it comes to rolling out the style. With so many retailers trying to get me to spend my hard earned cash on their products the choice is endless…and difficult.

sports mix

 adidas faves

One of my two favourite and probably most common sports brands are Nike and Adidas. I have recently started to also like Oyosho who do a great sportswear range, Mango and North Face for my outerwear. I have recently found so many cool products that I have started wearing them on the weekend with a pair of skinny jeans or denim shorts. I have created a few pictures full of my sportswear lusts at this moment for you. Just you wait, if you haven’t already fallen hard for this new trend, you soon will!!




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