Crystal Clear Croatia

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My summer holidays seem like a distant memory as I look at the weather forecast for the next 5 days in Madrid. Summer 2014 is officially over. Strangely, the only picture that is being displayed on my weather chart is rain, rain, rain, rain and rain. I thought I lived in sunny Spain…this is more like the weather I would expect in Scotland. I believe that wherever there are palm trees there should be sun all year round!!

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 As I am cooped up inside all day and need to refresh the happy memories I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write a post about one of the holidays I experienced this year. CROATIA!!

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Where do I start!! Croatia is a beautiful country that has so much to offer the people who are lucky enough to go and visit it. With crystal clear waters, ancient walled towns, a great climate and lovely people, you would be mad not to take time out and experience this country and the vast area of sites it has to offer. This was my second trip to Croatia, a couple of years ago I had visited the North of the country to the towns of Umag, Rovinj and Porec. This time I journeyed to the South of the country to a place called Dubrovnik. Before I had even stepped foot in the country I knew I was in for a treat. From my window seat on the plane, I was treated to a spectacular view of the Elafiti Islands that surround Dubrovnik. The view was absolutely breath-taking and I was so excited to see what else this amazing country had in store for me.

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We touched down and our journey to our hotel only took 30 minutes. We travelled along a hill top road with huge drops down to the sea. It was slightly nerve racking to say the least. My mum had booked us into to stay at The Grand Villa Argentina for the 7 days we were staying in Dubrovnik. The hotel was situated on a cliff side that led down to the sea. Every way you looked you were treated to spectacular views of the island of Lokrum, the old city walls of Dubrovnik and the lush green gardens of the hotel. The views really were out of this world…and they gave you champagne for breakfast!! The hotel was only a 6 minute stroll to the centre of Dubrovnik which was perfect as we wanted to eat there every night. The hotel was absolutely amazing, I really think it played a massive part in making this holiday so great.

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 During our 7 day stay we were treated to some unbelievable traditional Croatian cuisine. Due to Dubrovnik being situated on the Adriatic Sea, fresh fish dishes top the menu. As a fish lover I was in heaven. We were offered fresh squid, octopus salads, black risotto and fish platters to name just a few. If you want to experience a few different types of fish I recommend ordering the fish platter. It normally comes with a variety of fresh fish, shell fish and a side of potatoes or pasta. The fish is generally barbequed and drizzled with olive oil and served with a wedge of lemon. DELICIOUS.

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 After a few evenings of eating fish we were slightly fish’ed out and needed a change. Earlier in the week we had strolled past a great looking vegetarian restaurant called Nishta. Oh my goodness, it was delicious. We sampled sweat potato spaghetti, falafels, tofu and wholegrain pasta with mushrooms. If you are sick of sea food after a few days I would highly recommend this great little place…even if your are not a vege!!

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 There are so many different activities you can do during your stay to get the most out of this beautiful part of the world. Boat trips to the Elafiti Islands, a boat trip to Lokrum, scaling the city walls, wondering the small streets of the old town, a trip on the cable car, relaxing on the local beach, there are a variety of museums or you can even go on day trips to Montenegro or Split. I can guarantee that you will not run out of things to do in this beautiful city.  I would highly recommend a day trip to visit the Elafiti Islands. This was one of the highlights of my trip to this beautiful country. If you go down to the Port of Dubrovnik you will find many companies offering day trips including lunch on board the boat. I would recommend choosing a traditional style boat trip that caters for fewer people as it is a more personal experience and allows you space to sunbathe and relax.

 2014-08-09 19.19.24

Overall I had an amazing experience in Croatia with my family and would highly recommend visiting this country if you have the chance. Massive thanks to my Mum and Dad for taking me.

Where We Ate

Dalmatino Konoba


Pizzeria & Spagetteria Storia

Moskar konobo

Konobo Pulpo

Gossip – for the best ice cream

Victoria Bar in the Grand Villa Argentina Hotel – for cocktails (and great service)




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