Again I find myself looking back at my summer holiday photos during another soggy week in Madrid. I thought I lived in Spain!! This weather is worse than Scotland. When it rains here, it rains so hard it bounces off the ground, the drains overflow and the minute you leave shelter you look like a drowned rat. Fortunately, it is all meant to change tomorrow and will be 25 degrees by the weekend. Hopefully I will squeeze in one more weekend of shorts and t-shirts.



 I am going to share with you a few photos and experiences from my quick London summer stopover. Flying back to Scotland can be an expensive experience so this year I decided to see if it would be better to fly via a European city. I have a lot of friends living in London and the flights worked out to be a third cheaper flying Madrid-London than Madrid-Edinburgh. I would much rather spend those extra pounds on a cheeky holiday, especially on a cheeky holiday to London. This was my 4th visit to this amazing city. I absolutely love it. I love the atmosphere, the diverse mix of people, the shopping, the sites and the food. I think London could come out top 3 of my favourite places to visit.


 We stayed in the Kensington area of the city. It was a beautiful setting with big white Georgian townhouses and pretty gardens out the front. It was a perfect location to explore the city with Marble Arch and Oxford Street a 10 minute walk away. Before we arrived in London we decided to book ourselves onto one of the London Bus Tours. I highly recommend anyone visiting this city to also book themselves on. It was a fantastic and easy way to explore all the sights London has to offer, as well as learning about the history of this beautiful city. We used the company Golden Tours. On the first day we had a fantastic tour guide from East London who was extremely passionate about his city. He had so many interesting facts to share with us and he expressed them in such a great away. He absolutely made this tour for us.

While we were there we were treated to all sorts of delicious food. As this was our first time back on British Soil for 4 months I was desperate to eat anything but Spanish food. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spanish food, but all I wanted was something fresh and green with interesting flavours. My best discovery was the Whole Foods Market just off Piccadilly Circus. The takeaway food in this supermarket is the best I have ever tasted. We got a selection of interesting goodies and took it to Leicester Square to enjoy and watch the world go by. Harrods Food Hall provided another treat to the taste buds. I was pleasantly surprised how reasonably priced a lot of the products were. For a little over £20 we got sushi, curry and nan bread, chocolate brownies, a pie and a drink each. I honestly wouldn’t normally eat that amount of food in one go but as I said, I hadn’t eaten British cooked food in 4 months and I couldn’t help myself.  We took our bag of goodies to Covent Garden and enjoyed an array of street performers. In the evenings we ate at Aubaine (http://www.aubaine.co.uk/location/regent-street/ ) just off Regent Street which had a fantastic menu with ample amount of options for whatever your taste is. The last night we ate at Cookhouse Joes (https://www.facebook.com/CookhouseJoeUK ) with a group of friends. This was a no fuss establishment but the food was amazing and the service was second to none. We started with a hummus platter and for my main I absolutely demolished a falafel salad and a cheeky gin and tonic. We really did eat well during our stay in London. I arrived back to Scotland 2 stone heavier.



 London is one of the Fashion capitals of the world so you won’t be short of shops to visit. Of course you have the high end fashion brands but you also have the area of Soho that is home to a variety of different quirky fashion brands and of course Oxford Street. It is the biggest shopping street in Europe. Walking up and down this amazing street would definitely count to your week’s quota of exercise. It is home to all your high street brands like Zara, Topshop, Dune, River Island to name but a few. It is also home to Selfridges. The shop that is known worldwide for their yellow bags. Selfridges stocks affordable brands as well as the high end fashion houses so it has something for everyone. They also have an amazing foodhall….yes I mentioned food again!! One of the prettiest shop fronts in London is the Liberty store. It is an absolutely beautiful store full of charm and character. You definitely need to have your photo taken outside (I went twice).



 London is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you like museums, shopping, eating out or the theatre you will find it here in London. Even after my 4th trip I haven’t experienced half off it. I am planning my next trip already.




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