What I Wore 7: Mercado de Motores

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When people think of the famous market of Madrid the word El Rasto comes to mind. This is one of Madrid’s oldest markets located in the La Latina district of the city. It is your traditional Spanish market selling replica bags, leather purses, silly toys and your token flamenco outfits. Although it is always great to experience this market once, it is not a particularly relaxing environment. The streets are extremely busy, the area is known for pick pocketers and you are not going to be blown away by the products on sale. Really, it is your typical tourist trap advertised in all the guide books.

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This weekend I experienced a completely different market altogether and I absolutely loved what I found. I think I have maybe found the coolest market in Madrid. The second weekend of every month, a market called Mercado de Motores opens its doors in the impressive Railway station located close to the Delicias metro station. The Market consists of a mixture of independent collectors, funky vintage designers, beautiful jewellery makers and a cool collection of food stands. All these stands are situated alongside Madrid’s beautiful old trains.



The atmosphere and ambiance is electric with a lot of hussle and bustle going on around you. As I made my way along the platform I absolutely loved raking through the vintage clothes stands, checking out beautiful old decorations and photos and, of course, sampling the local cuisine. This market is the perfect way to spend an afternoon at the weekend, with live music, delicious food and a spacious outdoor area with tables and chairs, where else would you really want to be?!



One of the stalls that I was instantly drawn to was Freelosophy. There stall was displayed beautifully with an array of quirky cushions, fabric bags and dainty jewellery. I was in my element. The lady and her daughter that own the brand were extremely friendly, accommodating and tried in every way to find the perfect products for us.  I treated myself to a beautiful angel winged bracelet. I love it. They have a spot most months at the Mercado de Motores, but they also have a lovely online shop that has a vast amount of designs you can purchase. If you can’t make it down to the market, check out their website. It is modern, clean. simple and they have a great philosophy. www.free-losophy.com

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I definitely recommend a visit to this market, especially with Christmas coming up. It’s the perfect place to find a unique gift for the special people in your lives or just a place to meet friends for a drink and eat some delicious food. The market has a Facebook page with all the details about the dates and times they are open. www.facebook.com/mercadodemotores


What I Wore

Jacket – Zara

Leather Trousers – Zara

Striped Jumper – Zara www.zara.com

Shoes – Zara

Scarf – Zara

Bag – Zara

 (I think Zara might be my favourite shop!!!)




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