Style Edit: Fabulous Fur

zara fur

Zara £89.99

So two weeks ago I was telling you that the weather was wonderful, we were having an Indian summer and I could still wear bare legs. How that has rapidly changed this week.  Oh my goodness. It has gone from pleasant Spring temperatures to absolutely freezing. My favourite hobby right now is wrapping myself up in my polar bear blanket, putting on a film and tucking into a big tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Yes, who needs a beach body anyway when you have to wear so many layers that you start to resemble The Michelin Man.

zara 2

Zara £89.99

 Yesterday I took a trip into town and found myself in Zara. This probably doesn’t come as much of surprise to you, I am addicted to this shop. Anyway, as I wondered around I spotted the most beautiful perfectly white fur coat. There wasn’t a moment where I thought to myself ‘Amy, you do not need to try this on’. Before I knew it, I was standing wearing this beautiful coat, with my gym kit on. Not my finest of looks I must say, but wow, I was so warm and cosy. Before making any rash purchases, I decided to hang the coat back up, stroll home and do some fur coat research. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Normally when I think of a fur coat, pleasant images don’t come to mind, but this time I have been won over with the selection available right now. I have composed a collage of all my favourite Fabulous Fur Coats that I have discovered for those chilly winter days.

fur 1

fur 2

 1. Whistles £275 I 2. Topshop £700 I  3. Warehouse £85  I  4. Miss Selfridge £99  I  5. Candy Blossom £195  I  6. Boohoo £45  I  7. Topshop £95  I  8. Whistles £275  I  9. New Look £64.99 I  10. Oasis £90  I  11. H&M £34.99  I  12. Whistles £275

Happy shopping and enjoy snuggling in your new purchase.




3 thoughts on “Style Edit: Fabulous Fur

  1. Really enjoyed reading this 🙂 huge fan of fur as well so this is a tremendous round up of some beautiful coats!


  2. HA. Easily one of the best things about winter is no longer worrying about the beach bod. Hellooo slim leggings and oversized sweaters!
    Love these coats, thanks for sharing!



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