San Sebastian Stole My Heart

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This past weekend I think I found the most beautiful place in Spain. I feel like this statement may have been said before by me after a weekend away but this time I really mean it. San Sebastian or Donostia in Basque, is located in the very north of Spain on the Bay of Biscay 20km away from the French border. Although San Sebastian is a relatively small city it is one of the most popular destinations in Spain for tourism due to its spectacular scenery, world famous food and excellent surfing conditions.

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What I Wore: Jacket – Asos   I   Jumper – Zara   I   Trousers – Zara   I   Trainers – Nike   I   Hat – Obey

Our trip was very last minute and slightly unorganised so we had limited choice in relation to the hotels that were available for the long weekend. We booked a hotel called Hotel Terminus (don’t be put off by the name). It is in a fantastic location situated next to the train station and only a 10 minute walk into the old town and to the surfer’s beach. The hotel itself is very basic but clean and if you are spending the majority of your time out at the beach or eating pintxos, it is all you need.

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What I Wore: Jacket – Adidas   I   Trousers – Zara   I   Top – Zara   I   Trainers – Nike   I   Hat – Obey

San Sebastian is renowned for its Basque cuisine and is home to a high concentration of Michelin Starred restaurants. In addition to these spectacular restaurants, it’s the best place to try small snacks called Pintxos in the old area of the city. Due the weather being particularly bad when we visited we spent the majority of our time sampling the delicious local dishes. My absolute favourite pintxos bar we tried was a place called Borda Berri, which is a small traditional bar located in the old part of the city. This bar is slightly different to the others in the surrounding area as it doesn’t display the tapas out on the top of the bar like many other establishments do. They offer a choice of roughly 15 different options and you can order as many as you like. The amazing thing about this bar is that they cook each dish especially for you. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the dishes because as soon as they arrived we tucked in instantly. We tried a variety of things including cod, squid ravioli, pancetta, sopa and beef. The flavours of these dishes was absolutely amazing and I would highly suggest that you do not leave San Sebastian without visiting here.

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There are many traditional bars in San Sebastian but if you are looking for a more modern place to have a drink I highly recommend La Gintoneria and Salt. Both are located in the Gros area of the city just over the river close to the surfer’s beach called La Zurriola. La Gintoneria has a huge collection of gins and a vast selection of cocktails. All of the drinks ordered are created specifically for you and the flavours that you like. It is an experience in its self while watching the skilled bar tenders make these for you. The have an extensive collection of ingredients and use a variety of different techniques to create the perfect Gin and Tonic. It is almost like being in a science lab watching these being made. AMAZING. Another good hangout is a place called Salt. It is located directly in front of the beach La Zurriola. This offers a modern space to relax after a busy day at the beach. They have a good selection of drinks available as well as food.




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What I Wore: Jacket – Nasty Gal  I Tunic – Alexander Wang H&M  I  Trousers – Zara   I  Trainers – Nike

If you are looking to sample the local nightlife while in San Sebastian, Bataplan is the place to go to on a Saturday night. We asked many locals where they recommended going and this was the answer they all gave us. Situated right on the La Concha beach it is a stones throw away from all the bars in the old part of the city. If you are planning a trip to Bataplan I wouldn’t recommend going before 3am. Although that sounds extremely late for anyone that isn’t Spanish, you will have the entire club to yourself and it lacks the fun atmosphere that arrives later on in the night/early morning.

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Overall San Sebastian, in my opinion, is the most beautiful holiday destination in Spain. The scenery is spectacular with the vast green rolling hills situated behind the beach, the food is unbelievable and the people are extremely warm and friendly. I will 100% be returning in the New Year, I absolutely love this place!!!

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