What I Wore 17: Workout Wear


Well January is upon us and I have noticed the sudden increased popularity in the gym. I think starting the year off with new goals and aspirations is great but only if you continue to maintain these throughout the whole year. For those of you who regularly use the gym you will probably be tearing your hair out at its sudden popularity. Almost out of nowwhere your regular classes are fully booked and you canโ€™t find a free treadmill anywhere. Worry not, if it is anything like last year, come the middle of February the place will be back to its good old quiet self. For those of you who have created fitness targets for the coming year, I wish you all the best with them and I sincerely hope they last longer than the 4 weeks of January. BELIEVE and push through.

ย Today’s What I Wore post is slightly different in the sense that I thought I would show you my usual work/workout attire. As a Physical Education Teacher, there are times when I feel like I might as well have worn pyjamas to school when I am standing next to the glamorous maths teacher in her tight pencil skirt and blouse. Recently, instead of rolling out of bed 15 minutes before I need to leave the house and throwing on the closest pair of leggings and jumper available I have started to plan my outfits in advance so I can look relatively smart in my sports kit. Surprisingly, it really can look quite good and with very little effort it is possible to make sports clothes look smart. In this post there are a few pictures showing you a snippet of one of my most favourable styles: all black with a pop of colour.










What I Wore

Top 1 – Nike

Top 2 – Adidas By Rita Ora

Leggings – Adidas

Trainers – Nike Air Max 2014

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

I hope your have had a fantastic start to 2015 and the resolutions are still in full flow.




12 thoughts on “What I Wore 17: Workout Wear

  1. Loving styling up for the gym.. If i love my outfit it cancels out the fact that my face looks like a sweaty beetroot, right?!
    Cant even get parked at my gym just now never mind get on a treadmill.. Roll on february!
    Great photos and fab outfit xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, loving this post. I really relate to what you’ve said about the typical January masses, and felt you dealt with what can be a really annoying issue in a very tactful and honest way. Whilst I want people to stick to their new resolutions, I can’t help but feel frustrated when I go for my regular training five nights per week and find my workouts increasingly difficult to complete because newbies are sitting on the machines texting or playing with their hair and not exerting any effort at all, or using far too many weights at once and claiming they are theirs for the next half hour (but in fact do not understand the gym etiquette of sharing), etc. Aside from this issue I love your outfit; I like wearing black to the gym/on runs and inserting a pop of colour in there too. Lovely blog x


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