What I Wore 18


Do you ever sometimes find that you have so much time on your hands but you just do not know what you do with it all? Recently I feel like my life has just been going around in circles and the circles always (SURPRINGLY) form the same pattern. I finish work, go to Spanish Lessons, go to the gym, eat, do the dishes and then sleep. My latest finish at work is 3.20 in the afternoon so it confuses me as to where the rest of my time goes. If I think about it carefuly, the answer is that I probably spend too much time having coffee in Starbucks, chatting nonsense to my friends and eating cookies. Man, I am addicted to the chocolate chip ones and with summer coming soon, this is not something you want to be addicted to. Anyway, apologies for the lack of blogging recently. Now that the sun is out and the weather is changing I have no excuse not to get posting.






Happy Thursday!!




3 thoughts on “What I Wore 18

  1. Ha I was thinking the same thing yesterday.. My routine is becoming mundane and time seems to be flying away from me! Maybe it’s time for a holiday, I mean, it’s almost been a whole month since the holidays xo

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