What I Wore 20








Today’s post is a little bit more out my comfort zone than normal. While speaking to friends it was identified that I am a black, white or grey kinda girl. This new outfit post is still black, white and grey but the details on the sleeve add a little splash of colour to a otherwise simple outfit. I bought this jacket in Zara over a year a go and have only worn it once so it was a good excuse to blow of the cobwebs that had formed on it. As you can see in most of the photos, I am desperately trying to keep hold of my hat. A hat is a great addiction to an outfit but make sure you check the weather forecast before leaving the house otherwise you will be holding onto it for dear life.




4 thoughts on “What I Wore 20

  1. That jacket can turn any outfit into a statement, that is definitely an investment piece. Although I love vibrant colors I just like yourself love Black and white(& Gold), you can never go wrong with those colors.

    P.s. I wish i would have seen this post before leaving the house today. I decided to wear a brand new hat, and i guess mother nature wanted it for herself! =(

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