What I Wore 21: Ice Age Era



While wandering around the streets of Madrid it is evident that we have finally been plunged into the depths of winter. Big coats, fur, hats and scarves can be seen everywhere and people are scurrying around faster than normal to try and keep warm. Something that is frequently said to me is ‘Amy, you are from Scotland, it must be colder than this there, how are you cold’, but I actually can’t remember what the weather in Scotland is like anymore. All I am aware of now is that the bitter wind here sinks right into your bones if you haven’t wrapped yourself up with plenty of layers. This new outfit post maybe lacked a few of the essential layers needed to keep warm on such a cold day but I loved the pop of colour the Palm Tree Dress added to the look. This was one of my best purchases of summer 2014 in Zara and I love how it can be incorporated into a winter outfit.




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