What I Wore 22: Segovia



One of the many things I love about living in a foreign county is all of the travel opportunities to new and interesting places that are just on your door step. Madrid itself is an outstandingly beautiful city and the surrounding areas also have views to rival it. This weekend we took the opportunity to visit a small town outside Madrid called Segovia. Centuries ago Segovia used to be the capital of Spain and it is home to a gorgeous castle, aqueduct and narrow streets oozing character and charm. The journey to Segovia was spectacular, we passed through mountains laden with fresh snow from the previous weeks snowfall. Whist there we treated ourselves to the local deliciously; suckling baby pig. It was delicious.








As we had ventured to higher altitudes and we had planned to be outside most of the day I needed to be warm and cosy. I went for a relatively simple outfit but I think one of my favourites. The simple grey jacket and jeans worked well with the patent bag and boots. I will definitely be using this look again soon!!




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