What I Wore 23: Palma



For this year’s Valentines weekend myself and a couple of friends decided to take a trip to the beautiful island of Mallorca. This wasn’t my first trip to this island, it is one of my family’s favourite summer destinations, but it was my first time visiting during winter. My memories of Mallorca have always been of the sun, the beach and the tropical temperatures so packing for winter proved to be a challenge. The days prior to our departure I was constantly checking the forecast to see what the weather would bring us, I was hoping sun and spring like temperatures so I could get my legs out for the first time this year. I must admit, it wasn’t in anyway tropical but I decided to brave the cold and leave the tights in my bag back at the apartment…at times I definitely regretted this decision.





Our first day on the island we decided to explore the city of Palma and accustom ourselves to our new surroundings. One of the iconic landmarks of Palma is the breath-taking cathedral which looks out onto the port of Palma, our apartment was perfectly located 2 streets from here. Behind the cathedral there is a maze of old narrow streets that ooze with character. You will find quirky boutiques, hairdressers, bars and restaurants hidden among them. What I like most about Palma is the mix between the old and new, quirky and classy. As you walk along the smooth stoned streets you discover a whole variety of different places, traditional tapas bars which contrast the new hip gin bars, big designer shops and small independent boutiques. The amazing thing about this city that they all complement each other extremely well which gives Palma a great cosmopolitan feel. This could be in the running for my favourite Spanish get away.









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