What I Wore 24: Colour



If you spoke to anyone that knows me they would tell you that my absolute favourite colour to wear is black. I think the majority of outfits I wear feature at least one black item if not more. Black is an easy colour to wear and it goes with everything. For me if I had the choice of the same item in black or a colour I would go for black the majority of times and if I didn’t, I am sure I always regret it later. Now that Spring is on its way I have decided to make a conscious effort to try and wear a bit more colour. I have had these maroon jeans in my wardrobe for months and Sunday was the day I decided to hang up the black ones and give these ones a day out on the town. Now that the weather is getting warmer I didn’t need to wear a big coat so I paired them with a big wooly jumper and a vest. I have been inspired, hopefully you will be seeing less black and more colour in the blog posts to come.









I hope you all had a fantastic Valentines weekend.




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