What I Wore 25: Soller


During our time in Palma we decided to go on a day trip to the town of Soller and the coastal area Port de Soller. An old classic railway line connects Palma to Soller over a journey of 26km. During the journey you pass by lush countryside, travel through dark damp tunnels channelling through the mountains and then make your decent down into the town of Soller.  The journey itself is extremely relaxing and gives you a feel of rural Mallorca. We boarded the first train of the morning with our take away Cappuccino order (the best coffee on the island) sat back and watched Mallorca pass us by.





Once you arrive in Soller you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the main square or navigate your way around the narrow streets lined with old traditional houses. Soller itself is situated inland but 5km away there is the Port of Soller. This is a beautiful coastal town located on a beautiful wide bay with green sparkling water with a boardwalk lined with palm trees…heaven. Connecting Soller to the port is an old tram service which runs on the hour and takes all the sun worshipers to the beach. We decided that we would walk down to the port passing back fields full of Orange and Lemon trees, we even snuck into one of them to take a few snaps.







Unfortunately when we were there it wasn’t the temperature to enjoy the beach so instead we took ourselves off for some Paella. Something you absolutely must try when you are on the island. It was absolutely delicious.






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