What I Wore 34: Cruising Casa de Campo


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Over 2 years ago my friend Rosie and I made the decision to pack up our lives in Scotland and move to Madrid. When we arrived we had no Spanish, no home and no idea what we had let ourselves in for. Rosie left after 1 year of working here to go and explore the rest of the world but this weekend she came back to experience Madrid all over again. We spent the weekend laughing, reminiscing about the memories we made during our first year here together and exploring the city one more time. The photos that I have used in this blog post were taking in Casa de Campo. It is the biggest park in Madrid bustling with people during weekend. It is a great place to escape the smoke of the big city and take part in some light activity. Because we rented bikes I decided to keep my outfit super simple with Superstars and dungarees.









4 thoughts on “What I Wore 34: Cruising Casa de Campo

  1. I remembered my sweet memory at the park/garden, “casa de campo” ! About 5 years ago, I visit there. and it was Spring season. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. cuz I can’t find mine soon… Have a nice weekend! – Azul

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