What I Wore 39

I have a little bit of a thing about doors. For some reason must of my pictures that are taken for my blog posts tend to be of me standing in front of some gran, elaborate door. Thankfully Madrid isn’t short of good looking doors so the possibility of a photo in front of a … More What I Wore 39

What I Wore 38

I am going to make an admission. One of my favorite hobbies right now is playing in my wardrobe like a 8 year old does when playing fancy dress. i am pretty sure you are never too old for this type of shanangins. Yes it might sound weird to some, but once I start and get on … More What I Wore 38

What I Wore 37

It is amazing how a little bit of a suntan makes your clothes look that little bit better looking on than before…or maybe it is all in my head. I am wearing my Alexander Wang by H&M dress that I struggled to get my hands on when it was released during the winter season. I … More What I Wore 37

What I Wore 36

Summer seems to have officially arrived in Madrid and it called for a colourful little number to be thrown on for today’s WIW. I got this dress a few months ago in Zara and I have been eagerly waiting until I had a little bit of a tan before I wore it. Fortunately, my lobster … More What I Wore 36

Almond Frapucciono

After Christmas I started to develop this serious addiction to everything Starbucks. As well as being not particularly great for my waist line, my purse also began to feel the strain. I am one of those people that the employees of Starbucks probably hate, a fussy fussy coffee orderer. My usual was a Café Latte … More Almond Frapucciono