Caviar Lentil Tahini Slaw Salad



Most of my best recipe ideas are formed when I am playing around in the kitchen throwing ingredients together. Now that summer has arrived all I want to do just now is eat fresh, light and healthy food that doesn’t take too long to prepare. This creation happened one day after work when I was craving some tahini slaw but I didn’t think just slaw would be sufficient enough for dinner. After a quick rummage through the cupboards and fridge I pulled out all the edible ingredients I thought might go well together and that is how this Caviar Lentil Tahini Slaw Salad was created.

How to Make It

This salad is a super easy one to make and what else is so great about it is that you can make more than you need for one night, pop it in the fridge and you have a healthy lunch prepared for the next day. First thing you need to do is cook the lentils. I didn’t measure out how many cups of lentils I used but I suggest for one serving use 1 cup of lentils. If you make too much you can always use them for another meal the next night. I boiled the lentils for 20/25 minutes in water and a little bit of rice vinegar which gives it a little kick of flavour. You can chose to make the egg in whichever way you prefer, I chose to boil mine and let it cool while the lentils were cooking. While the lentils are cooking you can prepare the red cabbage slaw. All you need to do is cut the slaw into strips, mix in a tablespoon of tahini, squeeze of lemon juice, drizzle of olive oil and a little pinch of salt. All you need to do now is cut a nice ripe avocado, prepare some edamame beans and you’re almost ready to go. Once the lentils are ready, drain them and then mix all the ingredients together. For a little extra bit of flavour I added some sunflower seeds on top and a light drizzle of lemon juice. Taaaaadaaaaa super salad complete!!

What You Need

Lentils (I used caviar lentils)

Rice Vinegar

Red Cabbage

1 Egg (prepared the way you like it)


Edamame Beans


Half a lemon

Olive Oil

Sunflower Seeds



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