Buckwheat Pancakes

While travelling over the summer this is definitely the dish that I have missed the most. In the Philippines and China breakfast mainly consists of something savoury with rice. I have the biggest sweet tooth in the morning that it needs to be tamed before the day begins. This recipe I am going to share … More Buckwheat Pancakes


   A quick flight from Manila to Cebu City takes you to the hub of the Visayas Islands, a relatively undiscovered selection of beautiful islands. Cebu City is located in the centre of the main island Cebu and is the second city of the Philippines. A lot of international flights arrive here bypassing Manila. If … More Bohol 

Makati Manila 

  I have finally arrived in the Philippines!! My  flight arrived at around 2am in the morning and I rolled off the plane feeling like I had been dragged through a bush backwards. One of my biggest fears about this whole trip was my first method of transportation for the airport to my hotel in … More Makati Manila