What I Wore 42: Hola Madrid Adios Backpack

I love travelling. I love meeting new people, I love seeing new places and I love the laid back nature of living out of a back pack. One challenge I faced while travelling was making the clothes that I had packed last the 3 weeks that I was away. I really didn’t do very well here. One thing I learnt was when you are walking around a city, beach or rice field where the temperature are 35 degrees plus, your skin is saturated in mosquito repellent and sun cream, you really don’t want to be wearing anything nice. I spent most of the time recycling the same clothes (denim shorts and a vest) and towards the end of my trip I was pretty surprised people were still sitting next to me. I think I started to smell really bad. Now that I am back in Madrid, rummaging through my wardrobe I feel a little bit like Aladdin in the cave of treasurers. Old clothes that I stopped paying attention to are suddenly the best things I can get my hands on. Adios to denim shorts for now and hello to my new found love for my wardrobe. I will never take you for granted again.

3 thoughts on “What I Wore 42: Hola Madrid Adios Backpack

  1. As always an absolute pleasure to read – isn’t it funny how something that has sat in your wardrobe for months suddenly becomes your fav outfit 🙂 x

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