The Black Sheep

I haven’t done a fashion blog post in a little while and I would like to tell you why!! Fashion is something I have always had a passion for, but recently it has been something that has brought negative feelings into my life. I became so obsessed with what I was going to wear, constantly … More The Black Sheep

Palawan. Paradise

On a dull grey day what better a way to cheer oneself up than flick through old photos of those long ago tropical travels you made. *Good idea you say*. Todays blog post comes all the way from the tropical island of Palawan. Well, actually, it comes from Starbucks, Madrid but we can all dream. … More Palawan. Paradise


      I have a really bad habit of booking things for the wrong date. Whether it is flights, hotels or restaurants there is always something not quite running as smoothly as I would like. This trip to Italy was no different. 30 seconds after booking my super cheap flights from Madrid to Milan I … More Milano