Rediscovering my favourite corners of Madrid


Rediscovering my favourite corners of Madrid

Home is where the heart is. But what happens when home has changed from where it used to be. As a born and bred Scottish girl, Edinburgh was always my home. It was where my family and friends where, where I enjoyed spending my time. Five years ago, home for me changed. I packed my bags and I went on an adventure that took me to Madrid. This adventure in Madrid ended a couple of months ago for a new one in Mallorca, but I had the opportunity to go back to Madrid for a weekend to explore it with a fresh set of eyes once again. With a few months in between us, I returned to Madrid with a new vision of the city. Although it wasn’t where I called home any longer, it was still the city that I loved and that helped me develop into who I am today. Vibrant, bouncing and certainly the city that never sleeps, here is what I got up to when I returned to Madrid for the weekend.

madrid me

El Paracaidista

For all the years that I have lived in Madrid, I had never once entered this spectacular space. What turned me off every time was the registration required before entering, but I can assure you, it is totally worth it. Set over 4 floors, El Paracaidista is a concept store full of cool and innovative products that you can discover and purchase if you wish. From bikes, to skateboards, chocolate bars to portable speakers, there is everything you can imagine spread across the 4 floors. The area that I fell in love with the most was the rooftop bar. There are so many blogs online about the best rooftop bars in Madrid, but never once have I seen this one being featured. With 2 separate areas, one for cocktails and snacks and another with a chill out area and restaurant, there is something for everyone. The views over Malasaña from the top are wonderful, you can see an array of orange titled buildings with some of Madrid’s most iconic buildings peeking out in amongst them.

Madrid El Paracaidista

Madrid Bikes

Fit Food

As you all know, I am a bit of a breakfast addict and particularly fussy about where I eat out for breakfast. If I can make it really easily in my own house, I am never too impressed. My absolute favourite place in Madrid for a healthy breakfast is Fit Food, and especially for their smoothie bowls. I think I could probably eat 3 of their Acai Peanut Power bowls in one day. Delicious. Only this weekend did I discover they do a meal deal on a range of different products, for $10 I devoured a coffee, fresh juice and a smoothie bowl. Yum. They also have a great range of smoothies, salads and healthy desserts. If only there was something as fantastic in Palma de Mallorca.  

fit food

Guerilla Garden

Young, old, rich and poor. Madrid’s Guerilla Garden is a place where you can find a whole range of people enjoying this little escape in the heart of the city. located in the up and coming barrio of Lavapies, the garden is a space where people can sit and reflect, enjoy a beer with friends or even learn how to grow fruit and vegetables. With a space for live music, seats in amongst the tranquil cactus garden or a swing to sit and reflect on, this space blends together areas for different moods.

madrid garden


The Tabacalera is one of the most fantastic places in Madrid. Exploding with character and personality, this colourful building is a place where a range of different people come together to enjoy the space. There are graffitied tunnels, outdoor gardens and vast indoor spaces where depending on the weekend, music concert can be enjoyed or workshops can be attending. If I could go back and live in Madrid, I would definitely take advantage of this fantastic space.


Taberna Pedraza

I am not going to say an awful lot about this place as there is only one thing you need to know. Taberna Pedraza is where you will find the Spain’s best tortilla. Wet in the middle, the contents will spill onto your plate, begging to be mopped up with the fresh bread they serve with it. No more words required.

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