Breakfast Obsessions

I am not entirely sure when this obsession started but it took hold of me fairly quickly. I go to bed thinking about breakfast and wake up several times throughout the night wondering if its time to dive into my cereal bowl in the morning. My Spanish flatmates absolutely do not understand my breakfast obsession. We often meet in the kitchen before work or school in the mornings, the stark difference between us is that they have a coffee in hand and I have a full plate of food. Maybe thats why the Spanish are so skinny, right? Whether my plate is full of porridge, pancakes or a concoction of poached eggs, avocado and smoked salmon, it’s a habit I really wouldn’t change for the world. I am absolutely breakfast obsessed, I have already planned tomorrows!! My father always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what Daddy says goes in my eyes!

One thing here is definitely clear, of the things I love to do regardless of which part of the world I am in, it is to find the best breakfast hangouts. Most people I know are more concerned about finding the most delicious restaurant for dinner, not me, I am frantically searching Trip Advisor or asking the locals where I can find my first meal of the day. BREAKFAST.

In todays blog post i’m going to take you on a little discovery and show you the  breakfast hangouts I have already been lucky enough to discover in a variety of different countries throughout the world. I wonder which one of them you are going to crave the most?!



Hong Kong Breakfast


WOW what a place. If I am totally honest with you, most of the food I ate in Hong Kong is a bit of a blur. One meal though, that I have engrained to my memory was my final breakfast in this city of madness and extreme humidity. As reserving flights is one of my strengths and only had managed to book a 48 hour trip back to Spain, I knew I needed to fill myself up with some goodness before I was faced with the prospect of plane food for the foreseeable future. Trip Advisor was opened and ‘Best breakfasts Hong Kong’ was typed into the search bar. I was bombarded with results about the best dim sum in Hong Kong, I think I was going to have to be a little bit more specific, ‘healthy breakfasts Hong Kong’ seemed like a reasonable request. Three options popped up on my google search map and one of them was called Locofamo. Loco in Spanish meaning crazy, I was absolutely down for it and searching google for options was definitely going to make me that, crazy!



Philippines Breakfast


If I think about this place for too long, I will start crying. The Bohol Bee Farm. A community run farm and restaurant on the island of Panglao was one of the most amazing places I think I have ever been to in my life. If I could change my name, my first choice would be Breakfast and then second choice would be Bohol Bee Farm. Maybe that breakfast in Hong Kong was rubbing off on me!! If I think back, roughly 80% of my Philippines travel budget was probably spent on feeding myself at the farm. It really was spectacular and it just so happened that EVERYTHING that they made was just so Instagramable, #foodporn.



Indian Breakfast


I have an admission to make. This photo I have shared with you of my ‘favourite’ breakfast in India, really wasn’t my favourite one. You have to understand that after so many days of eating hardboiled eggs and plain white toast, when a great breakfast does come along, there really is no hanging around for it to be photographed. I apologise. I will however, explain what it was to you and because im feeling extra generous, I have popped a link here so you can try and create your own Indian breakfast masterpiece one morning. So, what I had was called a Dosa. Traditionally from the South of India, I ate this after getting off a 8 hour bus ride on our journey south down to Mumbai. Oh wow it was delicious. A Dosa is a fermented pancake that is made from rice batter and lentils and filled with some form of vegetables. I’m really selling this right? I can assure you though, it was absolutely delicious and if you are breakfast obsessed like myself, this is an interesting choice for a lazy Sunday morning adventure in the kitchen.



Madrid Breakfast


The place I have called home for the past 4 years, no not Ojala, Madrid. Since I have been here, brunch really has flown onto the scene and seems to be the most popular thing to do in the city on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The amount of blog posts appearing on my Facebook timeline about the ‘best brunches in Madrid’ is startling. The only problem with this sudden popularity, is the 45 minute queue you are greeted with when you arrive to one of these featured hangouts, there only seems to be the same 5 repeated every post!! Well, this photo is maybe one of the prettiest brunches available in Madrid and also comes in at great value. Ojala is located in the trendy barrio of Malasaña and if you are anything like me, you will have serious tableware envy!!



Scottish Fry Up


Last but absolutely not least on this list of brunches from around the world is one that comes from my very own homeland. Unfortunately it’s not from my own city, I did have to travel across to the dark side (Glasgow) to experience this big Scottish fry up, but we all have to make sacrifices for our best friends now and again don’t we?! Although this make look like one of the most unhealthy breakfasts you have seen in your life, I can assure you that all the products are sourced locally and are the very best quality. If you could taste it right now, you really would be agreeing with me on that! Cafezique, I will be returning to you again, the next time it won’t be after a nightout so my best friend can manage to remain at the table without having to run outside for fresh air every 7 minutes, #hangoverproblems.

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