The Greatest Interview Part I

Have you ever done something on a whim and the result was far from expected? Here is a little story that I hope inspires people to take a risk in life, step out their comfort zone, enter the unknown and be blown away with what comes their way. Sometimes these actions help them discover a path that they had never anticipated taking, but one that will lead them to all types of amazing challenges and adventures. Here is the first part of the story that has filled my life for the past 3 months, it is a special one and it’s all thanks to Grant’s Whisky. It is all about standing together, embracing traditions, discovering the unknown and falling in love with whisky and Scotland all over again, just like Charles Grant Gordon did when he departed on his expedition across the world to share his case of Grant’s 110 years ago. 

Part I: The Cocktail 

As I popped my bathing suit on and settled myself down on my towel to soak up the sizzling Ibizan sun, I started scrolling through Conde Nast Traveler which had become a bit of a habit of mine since I had started to write for a travel start up a few months before. Usual topics would include top destinations for summer 2018, the best ski resorts in the world, etc etc. On this occasion, there was an article that really stood out to me, the title of it read ‘Grant’s Scottish Whisky is offer a 10-Day Globetrotting Job Interview‘!! I did a little bit more researching and came across the video Grant’s had released for the job application. It featured catchy music and visuals that transported you to foreign lands, a little taste into what the finalists would experience if they were lucky enough to get that far. 

Being a Scot abroad, you tend to really focus on the most amazing things that your country is famed for. Haggis, whisky and ceilidh dancing where among the list of things I used to proudly boast to my new Spanish friends that my country was exceptional for. After 5 years in sunny Spain, I was debating a change, something inside me was telling me that it was the perfect time to return to the homeland, I had made some amazing friends on the beautiful island of Mallorca but there was a little niggle inside me, pulling me back home. Before I embarked on the journey back, there was one thing that I needed to do, submit my entry to the Grant’s Greatest Job Interview. The first stage of the job application was like no other, invent a cocktail with 3 ingredients, one of them being Grant’s Whisky. This sounded right up my street. I couldn’t think of anything more enjoyable than strolling around the local Mallorcan fruit markets looking for ingredients that would work together in my cocktail, which I wanted to represent my juicy life in Spain but also that displayed my love for Scotland. Each location had really stand out ingredients for me, Mallorca which was represented by the lemon, as the countryside is scattered with beautiful lemon trees, and for Scotland, the rhubarb, something my Dad is very fond of in his winter pies. Locating the lemons was a walk in the park, buckets and buckets of them could be found in every corner of the market, rhubarb on the other hand was a little bit harder to locate. Eventually I found a lovely little man who responded that he did in fact have ‘rubarbo’, “ven aqui” he said leading me to special area designated to weird and wonderful ‘tropical’ fruits. I strolled back to my flat delighted with my purchased and was eager to start boiling, mashing and mixing. After hours of taste testing, I eventually put together my ‘Home or Away’ cocktail, let the night begin! Find the recipe below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Home or Away 

1 part Grant’s Whisky

1 part Lemon Juice

1/2 Rhubarb Simple Syrup

All the crazy garnishings you desire

Little did I know that that cocktail would lead me on one of the most amazing adventures of my life. I excitedly told my mum that I was entering myself into a competition to secure a job as a global brand ambassador for one of the most loved family whisky brands from Scotland, she rolled her eyes thinking it was another one of my plans that doesn’t go as far as initially intended. A couple of weeks later, I received an email saying that I had got down to 250 applicants who has been invited to make a video, asking them to describe 3 things that they would take on the greatest interview. At this time, I was slowly making my way back to bonny Scotland but I was on a stop over in my second home: Madrid. Making my 60 second video there was extremely special, Madrid had been a huge part of my short adult life and helped shape the person that I have become. Running around the city with 2 of my best friends, talking with people from all over the world, cemented the idea that this was the job that I wanted, having the opportunity to share something special from Scotland, with people from all over the world with different cultures and traditions. Take a look at the video, it was a serious DIY attempt. Throughout the video I wanted to represent skills that a Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador would require: passion for Scotland and its rich traditions, ability to speak to a range of wonderful people and of course passion for travel and learning about the beautiful world that we live in! 


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