Festival Fever

August + Edinburgh = almost better than Christmas. Comedy, dance, colour and hundreds of thousands of people make the journey to Edinburgh for the magical month of August. Visitors and locals alike embrace the festival spirit come rain or shine and enjoy a few chuckles over a beer or two. Every way you look there … More Festival Fever

La Latina Life

I recently had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented but modest photographer. This guy purely takes photos for fun and uploads them onto his blog. Daniel and I, one grey Saturday afternoon decided to explore our neighbourhood, La Latina. We shot in several different locations, a graffiti filled plaza and small quaint streets. … More La Latina Life

Almond Butter Bars

There are somethings in life that you just can’t control. Right now I’m suffering serious control issues with these Almond Butter Bars. I am in a constant battle with my head telling me ‘only eat one Amy’!! They are so blooming delicious that there is a serious danger of me tucking into the entire slab … More Almond Butter Bars